Right to work changes – what you need to know

Changes to the right to work rules


In light of the recent changes to right to work rules, set out by the Home Office, we wanted to update our clients on the subsequent internal changes we have made to our processes to ensure that we are compliant.


What are the changes in right to work rules?


In summary, following the COVID-19 pandemic, it was deemed necessary to tighten up right to work checking by mandating that employers either check ID of an individual in person, or via the services of a certified IDSP (Certified identification document validation technology service provider).


What changes are Quest Pay making to ensure compliance?


In response QPS has implemented an industry leading IDSP provider, TrustID, whose cutting-edge online platform now allows us to seamlessly carry out digital identity checks with our workers ensuring absolute compliance with the workers we engage with.


As a provider, TrustID is recommended by the home office as well as being FCSA approved in our industry so they really are a ‘best in class’ provider. Peace of mind for everyone.


What do the changes mean for clients and contractors?


Please see below changes to our processes, implemented with immediate effect:


Requirements for Umbrella/PAYE Contractors:

British/Irish Nationals

In date passport (photo cannot be glared or have any objects which are covering any passport details) – the team will check this via TrustID – we then receive a result from TrustID confirming the ID is valid or invalid.




Birth Certificate – we will also require proof of NI, ‘selfie’ of the contractor and a photographic ID card i.e., CSCS card, driving license.


EU & Non-EU nationals

Their EU Settlement Share Code – we will also require a ‘selfie’ of the worker – the team will then check these via TrustID – we then receive a result from TrustID confirming the ID is valid or invalid


Requirements for CIS Contractors:

CIS Contractors – As part of our ‘best practice’ processes, we always request the above ID from our CIS contractors which, once received, our compliance team will check and place on file. As a self-employed contractor, this ID does not, however need to be checked through a digital check on TrustID.


Information for workers/contractors:

During our initial registration call, our team are advising workers of what ID is required before we can process their payments.


Contractors will then receive confirmation texts confirming that they are fully registered and ready for payments to be processed, once we have received compliant ID.


Unfortunately, due to the very strict nature of the new right to work checking rules, we are now unable to offer workers any ‘grace’ in submitting their ID to us. We will therefore require full ID for ALL umbrella and PAYE workers before any payment can be processed.


We want to assure all our clients that, as an FCSA accredited Umbrella and CIS provider, we take our right to work checking responsibilities very seriously and we hope the above significant steps reflect this appropriately.


If you have any questions or queries regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Quest Pay team.

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