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Recruitment Funding Solutions

Recruitment Funding Solutions (RFS) is a unique back-office and funding company working specifically in the recruitment industry with recruitment businesses.

With many years’ experience working in the recruitment sector, our team fully understands the importance of an efficient back office to the smooth running of a recruitment business.the employees and contractors involved know that their payments are being processed in a 100% compliant manner.

We also understand the many challenges that recruitment business owners must overcome in a compliance led industry.


RFS can look after those time-consuming, monotonous but necessary day to day tasks allowing the modern-day recruiter to do what they do best, building relationships with new and existing clients, and recruiting high-quality candidates for placement

RFS Protect

RFS Protect: 100% risk-free funding for recruitment agencies and start-ups.

RFS Evolve

RFS Evolve: Specialist funding for established recruitment agencies.

RFS Protect

RFS Protect is our funding solution for developing, early-stage and start-up agencies. 

It provides peace of mind for recruitment agencies that want the additional security of 100% risk-free funding.

Unlike high-street lenders and other funding providers, we specialise in the recruitment sector. Through years of working in the industry across many different sectors, we’ve refined our offering and developed our understanding of the issues recruiters face, the challenges they need to overcome, and the funding solutions needed at every stage of development.

RFS Protect

RFS Evolve

RFS Evolve is our established agency funding solution.

It builds on our start-up offering RFS Protect, but is designed with more established agencies in mind.

With RFS Evolve, you have much more flexibility in how you run your business. You can determine your own credit terms with clients, owning and managing your company’s risk profile, and you’ll have access to more in-depth, real-time management information through our sector-leading technology platform. 

As with RFS Protect, there’s no need to hire your own finance team, as we look after all the credit control, invoicing and payroll, so you can focus on growing your recruitment business.  

RFS Evolve

Specialist funding for established recruitment agencies.

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