Client case study:

Supporting Green Carbon Talent to expand into sub-contract staffing

The challenge

At Quest Pay Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive support and guidance to recruitment agencies of all shapes and sizes.


As a leading perm recruiter, Green Carbon Talent were presented with challenge when they had the opportunity to supply sub-contract staff to one of their key clients. Lacking the in-depth knowledge of tax and legislation surrounding sub-contract staffing, they turned to us at Quest Pay Solutions for guidance and support.

The Quest Pay Solution

Initial consultation and guidance

Understanding the critical need for expert advice, Green Carbon Talent contacted us, and our dedicated National Account Manager, Tuesday, promptly engaged with their entire team.

We took the time to explain the entire sub-contract staffing process, ensuring a thorough understanding of the requirements and potential pitfalls. Our guidance became the foundation for Green Carbon Talent's confident pursuit of this opportunity.

Ongoing support and assistance

Our commitment to Green Carbon Talent extended far beyond the initial consultation. We offered continuous support throughout their sub-contract staffing journey.

Tuesday and our Payroll Team were always available to provide advice and address any concerns, ensuring Green Carbon Talent never felt alone in navigating this new terrain.

Compliance and peace of mind

With Quest Pay Solutions as their trusted advisor, Green Carbon Talent gained the necessary expertise to navigate tax and legislative requirements seamlessly. Our comprehensive knowledge allowed them to avoid potential compliance pitfalls and ensured that all processes were conducted in accordance with legal obligations.

This compliance not only provided peace of mind but also safeguarded their reputation and minimised risks.

Uninterrupted payments

At Quest Pay Solutions, we understand the importance of timely and accurate payments. Through our meticulous payroll management, Green Carbon Talent never experienced any payment issues.

Our commitment to excellence and reliability fostered trust among their sub-contract staff, ensuring their satisfaction and continued engagement.

We are predominantly a Perm Recruiter but had the opportunity to supply some sub-contract staff to one of our main clients.


As we didn’t really have any knowledge in this space, particularly around tax and legislation, we contacted Tuesday from Quest Pay who had previously offered us support and advice if we ever needed it. Tuesday came in to see us and sat down with the entire team to explain the whole process and what we needed to do, and more importantly what not to do.


This initial advice was key to us progressing this opportunity, and the ongoing support from Tuesday and the Payroll Team at Quest has been invaluable to our success. Tuesday and the team are always available to help out with any advice or support we, or our workers have needed and we have never had any issues with payments.

The results

Are you a recruitment agency looking to expand into sub-contract staffing?

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