Join the QPS World Cup 2022 prediction competition

Quest Pay Solutions are excited to announce the launch of our World Cup 2022 game prediction competition

For each week of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, we’re giving you the chance to win prizes for accurately predicting the outcomes and scores of that week’s games.

How does it work?


The game is easy to play, we’ll have an online form set up each week where you can fill in your predictions for the games in the week ahead. For each game you can pick an outcome for which team you think will win or whether it will be a draw, and also predict how many goals will be scored.


You don’t have to fill in a prediction for every game, however the more you fill in the more chance you have of gaining points overall.

Competition rules:
  • The winner for each game week will be the person who has scored the most points overall for that week.
  • All entries must be made at least one hour before the first game of the week kicks off, any entries received after that time won’t be counted.
  • Only one entry per person per game week is allowed, so make sure you are happy with your predictions before you submit – they can’t be changed afterwards! Any subsequent entries won’t be counted.
Points will be awarded as follows:
  • Correct result (e.g. correct winning team or draw) AND correct score (e.g. predicted 2:1, actual game result 2:1): 3 points
  • Correct outcome (e.g. correct winning team or draw) but incorrect score: 1 point
  • Incorrect outcome and score: 0 points

Winners will be announced via email on our LinkedIn page on each Friday of the tournament, as well as the entry form for the next week opening up.



More chances to win


Be sure to follow our LinkedIn page for more chances to win throughout the Qatar 2022 World Cup as we’ll be doing additional giveaways for England and Wales games throughout.

So, do you think you know the score?

Enter your predictions for next week's Qatar 2022 World Cup games in our online form.

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