Key Information Documents

Although they've been in legislation for a number of years (see for more info), it's worth taking another look at Key Information Documents and explaining what they're all about.

What are Key Information Documents?

A key information document must be provided to an agency worker before agreeing and issuing a formal contract.

It is a prescribed document that must contain a specific set of information (variations exist depending on the type of contractor – e.g. Limited company vs umbrella contractors).


Its purpose is to help avoid any misunderstandings about required deductions such as National Insurance, benefits, sick pay and pensions (where relevant), as well as a payroll provider’s margin.

What you will find in our Key Information Documents

What Quest Pay Solutions does

We make it easy for the agencies we work with to generate and send a Key Information Document (KID) to contractors that will be paid through us. Each worker is sent a KID document at the point of registration with us.

Our KID’s are clearly structured and contain all the information contractors need to make an informed decision about a contract.

This is just another example of how the team at Quest Pay Solutions ensures our payroll solutions are fully compliant with all the relevant legislation.

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