Forget me

Withdraw consent for the retention and use of your personal data

From time to time we anticipate that some people will want to have their personal data removed from our systems. In compliance with the prevailing data protection legislation we have created this simple form to expedite this process. Simply fill in your details and we will typically remove all eligible personal data from our systems within 72 hours.

Please understand that by requesting to be forgotten that our teams will no longer be able to contact you about any payroll services. We also won't be able to provide a reference for you, if requested.

And in compliance with current GDPR legislation, unless we have a legal obligation to keep your data (such as for HMRC tax records, for example) then we will remove all traces of you from our systems.

However, in this situation if you continue to use and be registered on public job boards, social media or other publicly accessible platforms, we cannot guarantee that our team may not find your details again and contact you.

By clicking submit, you accept that you will be removed from our database forthwith.

Quest Pay maintains a comprehensive set of policies that govern the way we work with our clients and candidates. We’ve included links to those policies from this page.

CSR policy
Data retention policy
Equality policy
Health & safety policy
Modern slavery policy
Privacy policy

You can view our Website Policy HERE.

The policies listed on this page will be reviewed and updated periodically.